Written by Almitra Mavalvala, For the Love of Paper is inspired by real events, celebrating the enduring power of friendship, love, and human resilience. BCD Theatre co-produced and directed this production.

“A gorgeously honest portrayal of love, culture and friendship

– Theatre Thoughts

About the show



“For the Love of Paper” is a heartwarming cross-cultural romantic comedy that follows the endearing duo of Kaveh and Amaliah, two best friends caught in the complex web of immigration laws in present-day Australia. Amaliah faces the terrifying prospect of deportation and Kaveh, her loyal friend, embarks on a mission to help her. This leads them down a series of comical misadventures.


The play explores themes of sacrifice, compromise, and the lengths we go for those we care about, all while celebrating the power of friendship and love. Through the lens of humour, we explore the intricate dance of bureaucracy and cultural clashes, finding joy in the unexpected misadventures that make us stronger. 

Our Approach

We take the responsibility of telling stories about marginalized communities very seriously, and as such, our production is deeply rooted in authentic narratives and thorough research.

By deeply engaging with the lived experiences of our team members and conducting thorough research, this production is imbued with truth and authenticity, crucial elements in portraying stories that represent marginalized communities. We recognize that this story does not speak for all South Asian peoples’ migration experiences, and there are nuances to each individual’s journey that need to be recognized and acknowledged when viewing shows of this nature. In our endeavors, we remain committed to portraying relevant communities fairly and continuously strive to improve our approach in doing so.

The Bigger Picture

By delving into the complexities of immigration and cultural diversity, we shed light on the lived experiences of individuals navigating these challenges. It’s an important contribution to the broader conversation about multicultural Australia, emphasising unity in diversity and the strength that arises from embracing our shared humanity.

The Team

Producers: Almitra Mavalvala and Kersherka Sivakumaran

Director Kersherka Sivakumaran

Actors: Almitra Mavalvala, Antony Makhlouf and Joseph Raboy

Set Designer Paris Bell

Lighting Designer Jasmin Borsovszky

Sound Designer: Almitra Mavalvala

Costume Designer Rita Naidu

Dramaturg Suz Mawer

Production Manager: Emma Van Veen

Stage Manager / Lighting and Sound Operator Zachary Hanlon

Poster Design: Antony Makhlouf 

In the Media

Audience Feedback

A gorgeously honest portrayal of love, culture and friendship.



Theatre Thoughts

“At its heart it’s a story about being human and all that contains.”


Theatre Travels

“Filled with raw emotion and power”


PS Meeting me at the Stage Door

Raises questions many of us don’t really consider. I’ll be thinking about it for a long time to come

Indrani Bandyopadhyay

…a rarefied piece

Anna Sokolova

A tense, suspenseful, complex & thought-provoking play

Pollyana sledgehammer

What next?

After an incredibly succesful first season we are looking for the right venue to program the show for another season. Following a profitable first season and having a dedicated team, we are well positioned to perform again.

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