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Behind Closed Doors

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About Us

We are a collective of independent artists dedicated to narrating the narratives of the South Asian community with safety, accessibility, and cultural sensitivity at the forefront.

Our passion lies in addressing the issue of domestic violence through meaningful storytelling, respecting the values integral to our culture. Driven by a commitment to community values, vibrant cultural ceremonies, and profound artistic practices, we aspire to instigate lasting change within our community.

We believe the time for action has arrived, and through our show and the Indian subcontinent Crisis Association (ICSA), we offer a robust platform and secure pathways for those seeking to combat domestic and family violence. Our initiative extends beyond our community, embracing adjacent communities grappling with similar challenges.

Discover how our show is actively breaking the silence around domestic violence in the South Asian community, fostering an environment where these crucial conversations can unfold without stigma.

Phone: 02 9832 4762

For 24/7 support call 1800respect

For culturally specific support please reach out to the indian sub- cont crisis and support agency on:
Phone: 02 9832 4762 - (9:30am - 4pm)


Indian Subcontinent Crisis and Support Agency

Learn more about how our show is helping to remove the stigma around talking about domestic violence in the South Asian community

Behind Closed Doors donates all of its profits to our partners, the ICSA (Indian (sub-Cont) Crisis & Support Agency) are the first NGO for the South Asian Community in Australia. They are dedicated to assisting people of Indian Subcontinent origin who are in crisis through advocacy and case management services.
Our show and associated services like the Indian subcontinent Crisis Association (ICSA), provide powerful voice and safe pathways for those who want to end domestic and family violence within the community, as well as any other adjacent communities experiencing similar problems.

Our Team


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We’re Supported

Learn more about how our show is helping to remove the stigma around talking about domestic violence in the South Asian community

We are completely funded by donations and ticket sales. If you would like to help fund our next show click the donate button below.

“Really enjoyed this event and was so glad to see notable Australian companies come forward to help support diverse community issues.”

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come part of our movement. We rely on the funding and support of the community to continue to drive meaningful change.