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Hello, I am Kersh!

I am the founder of BCD Theatre. I see art as a doorway to fostering understanding and empathy. I produce, direct and perform in productions that aim to open hearts and minds, inviting audiences to explore diverse perspectives and connect with the universal human experience.



5-20 April 2024 | KXT on Broadway

 [Director & Co-Producer]


Amaliah, a South Asian woman, and

Kaveh, a queer Afghani man, face immigration complexities that threaten their friendship. Amaliah, at risk of deportation, contemplates a marriage of convenience, but her belief in true love complicates matters. Kaveh is determined to find a solution, leading them through the bureaucratic maze of immigration laws and cultural clashes. Kaveh’s audacious plan, bending the rules, adds humor and unpredictability to their journey. Love intertwines with legal challenges, posing the ultimate question: Can they secure a happy future, or will their quest lead to incarceration?


May to Dec 2022 | Multiple locations

[Director and Co-Producer]


Behind Closed Doors (BCD) is a unique 60-minute immersive music, lyrical and dance performance that explores the ways abuse can manifest in South Asian families.



Within the South Asian community, talking openly about these issues can run the risk of repercussions. Mainstream reporting pathways can be seen as a betrayal of perceived family values. As a result, attendance at support services is low and culturally specific support systems remain underfunded. The rates of domestic violence in our community has become severely underreported despite regular news report



22 Sept 2019 | Sacred Music Festival

 [Choreographer and Performer]


This piece examines the way ancient artistic practices migrate and become part of the culture of new communities. Inspired by stories of the Hindu goddess (Bhoomi) of the Earth, and showcasing the music and dance heritage of Southern India, Bhoomi draws on the talents and ritual practice of local artists to create a work speaking to issues of global importance. The performance honours our First Nations peoples and their relationship with Country. Collaborating with Aboriginal author and historian Bruce Pascoe, Bhoomi explores how stories across countries converge, to create shared cultural narratives.

In the Media

Behind Closed Doors

“It’s a performance that has a genuine capacity to influence change within South Asian communities and public debate more broadly. I sincerely hope it’s not the last time it’s performed.”

Khushaal Vyas

Reviewer, SAARI Collective

For the Love of Paper

“Theatre, when it’s created from an honest place, can build empathy by shining a stage light on things that people commonly feel, but rarely speak about, and For the Love of Paper does this masterfully.”

Giddy Pillai

Reviewer, Theatre Travels


“Such a collaborative, buoyant work offers critical perspectives on our contemporary positions as immigrant on Indigenous land while celebrating our inextricable links to our homelands”

Roanna Gonsalves

Review, Southern Crossings

Our ambition is to use community values, vibrant cultural ceremonies and deep artistic practices to inspire and drive long lasting community change.

Please reach out if you're interested in coming together to create art that fosters unity and strengthens our community.

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