About Us

BCD Theatre was founded on the basis of wanting to tell stories from diverse and marginalised communities in a way that is authentic, safe and aligned with the cultural and community values.

Who are we?

 BCD Theatre is an organisation dedicated to telling the stories of diverse and marginalised communities in Australia. Founded by Kersherka Sivakumaran, BCD Theatre is dedicated to reshaping the narrative surrounding multicultural Australian communities. 

Our mission is to catalyse systemic and social change through the arts, fostering a more inclusive and harmonious Australia.

For each project we mobilise a team of dedicated and informed individuals united in impactful story telling. Notable productions and performances like ‘Behind Closed Doors,’ shedding light on South Asian domestic violence, and ‘Bhoomi,’ exploring the migration of ancient artistic practices into the culture of new communities.

What do we do?


Our producing services for live theatre are built upon a foundation of meticulous project management and financial expertise, ensuring seamless execution of every production. With a keen eye for detail and a knack for strategic planning, we handle every aspect of the production process with precision and efficiency. Drawing from years of experience in corporate project management and financial management, I bring a wealth of skills to the table. My ability to navigate complex logistical challenges and optimize resources allows us to deliver exceptional results while staying within budget and timeline constraints. Additionally, my experience leading large teams and multitasking enables me to effectively manage the diverse demands of a producer, ensuring the success of every project.


Our directing services are informed by a unique blend of lived experience and learned knowledge, ensuring a rich tapestry of storytelling that resonates with audiences. With over two decades of experience in Indian classical dancing, I bring a wealth of storytelling and dramatic expertise to every project. Additionally, my background in the not-for-profit sector has provided me with a deep understanding of the themes and challenges facing communities in Australia, enriching the perspective I bring to narratives.

Combining my artistic prowess with my insights into social issues, I strive to create productions that are both captivating and thought-provoking. Whether it’s crafting compelling characters or weaving complex narratives, my directing style is characterised by authenticity and depth. With a commitment to storytelling that reflects the diverse experiences of our society, I ensure that every production leaves a lasting impact on audiences.

Choreographer / Dancer

With over two decades of performing experience and a background in classical singing, my choreography and performances are infused with a depth of expression and emotion. Having performed internationally in London, Sri Lanka, and India, I draw from a rich tapestry of cultural influences to create compelling and dynamic choreography. As both a performer and choreographer, I have worked with dancers of all levels, from children to adults, imparting my knowledge and expertise to inspire and elevate their performances.

For me, choreography is about genuine expression through movement, transcending stylistic boundaries to convey raw emotion and storytelling. I believe in using all my artistic tools as a basis for choreography, layering on feeling and depth to create performances that resonate deeply with audiences. Whether crafting intricate routines or guiding dancers through improvisational pieces, my approach is rooted in authenticity and creativity, resulting in performances that leave a lasting impact.

The Founder

With a passion for Bharathanatyam spanning over two decades, Kersherka has seamlessly woven her love for Indian classical dance into a rich tapestry of performances, captivating audiences worldwide. Her journey as a choreographer, performer, and dance educator has allowed her to explore various dance forms, culminating in her recent ventures as a director and producer of live theatre productions.


Beyond her artistic endeavours, Kersherka’s career has encompassed roles ranging from data analysis to executive leadership. Currently serving as an executive in strategy within the not-for-profit sector, she brings a unique blend of corporate acumen and social advocacy to her work. Her commitment to shaping a more inclusive Australia extends to her dedication to the multicultural sector, underpinned by a strong desire for social justice for Aboriginal Australians and Torres Strait Islanders. Kersherka also acknowledges the importance of recognising that we are on unceeded lands and strives to advocate for Indigenous rights and reconciliation through all her work.



Through strategic initiatives blending data-driven storytelling with social impact, she strives to make a meaningful difference in communities. Kersherka’s diverse background in social justice, the arts, and corporate leadership offers a unique perspective that informs her work as a performer, director, and advocate. Her aim is to create inclusive and transformative experiences that resonate authentically with audiences.


“Catalyse systemic and social change through the arts, fostering a more inclusive and harmonious Australia”


Case Study...


Our production Behind Closed Doors is tackling the issue of Domestic Violence in the South Asian community in Australia. In January 2022, 5 South Asian women and children were allegedly killed by their father / partners / husband.


Despite this harrowing record, we believe the tides are turning and now is the time for action. We worked with a team of experts who work in the field and talked to people with lived experience to curate a 60 minute performance that explores the ways abuse can manifest in South Asian families

Primary Intervention

Our production plays a role in primary intervention. Using South Asian artforms of story telling to talk about domestic violence within the community via a means aligned cultural practices and community values

Secondary Intervention

In addition this production partners with ICSA (Indian Subcontinent Crisis and Support Agency) to raise much needed funds for the organisations domestic violence services within 

All profits donated

For this show we fundraise to cover the production costs. This allows 100% of ticket sales for each show to be donated to The Indian Sub Continent Crisis and Support Agency (ICSA) who provide a range of crisis support services to the Australian South Asian community including domestic violence support.

Watch a trailer for the show below:

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